Okay, okay, I know. Don’t just rely on the scale. You are more than just a number. I know.

But it sure is nice to see that number go down. Stepped on the scale today, and I’m down about 3 lbs, and it feels good. I haven’t seen the scale move in a long time. Wait. No. That’s not true. It’s been moving, just the wrong way.

What changes have I made this week that have led to my success? I’ve been significantly cutting down on my snacking and mindless eating. I haven’t been overly finicky about eating “perfectly,” measuring all my food, eating the right amount of this and that. I’ve focused – almost unintentionally – on eating only when I’m hungry. I’m getting better at asking myself “Why do you want to eat? Are you truly hungry right now?” And it seems to be working.  That, and the fact that I’ve been bopping around for 3 hours every morning leading the music at our church’s annual Vacation Bible School. I’ve been doing a LOT of moving. You know what? It feels great!

My dietician called for a follow up appointment today, and asked how things have been going. She was so enthusiastic and encouraging. She spent time to ask me what I thought of all the resources she sent me, what stuck out for me, any questions I had, and asked what changes I had made this week. She was so helpful! And positive… really, really positive (not in a sickly sweet way, just really positive).  The resources she sent me are going to be very helpful.

I can now see that I have to make slow steady progress fuelled by healthy lifestyle changes and creating good habits.  I am not going to see instantaneous changes. It is not going to happen over night. I think that’s why I’m writing this blog – to chronicle the changes I’m making, and have  a record of my successes. (What I didn’t anticipate was the responses I’ve had! It’s nice to know that people are finding these posts helpful!)

We live in an instantaneous society. We want things now. We want results right away. When we don’t get results right away, we become discouraged. It would be all too easy to see the scale stagnate and want to give up.  Even though I tell myself that my success is not based solely on the numbers on the scale, it still felt great to see that I had lost weight!

Definitely a step in the right direction.


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