Craving Ice Cream


It’s 10:45pm, and I have been battling a food craving for about an hour. I really really wanted some ice cream. I keep seeing the ads for the new chocolate blizzard flavour. My friend Scott mentioned Cherry Garcia (curse him!! That’s my favourite flavour!). It would have bee really easy to just hop in the car and go get a chocolate cherry blizzard (two birds with one stone!)

But, I didn’t. Yay me!

I contemplated a cup of tea, but really: tea? Tea is decidedly NOT ice cream. The closest I’ve come to is some yogurt with frozen berries mixed in. Sweet, creamy, healthy. After this post, if I still feel like it, I will go to the kitchen and carefully measure out 1/2 c. fat free yogurt and 1/2 c. frozen berries.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I was craving ice cream. I do know that I’m feeling a bit emotional tonight… not quite sure why. Ok. That’s a lie. I know why. There are a bunch of reasons and a bunch of emotions.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I am actually hungry. Reflecting back on what I’ve eaten today, that makes sense:


1 cup Special K Fruit & Yogurt cereal with a banana and 1 c. milk


Some watermelon and two pieces of cheese with crackers, and two cookies (but they were small!)


Low-fat english muffin toasted, with 1 tbsp fat free cream cheese and some deli ham. Followed by more watermelon.


Beef tortellini with tomato sauce, and a Caesar salad (low fat dressing)

Okay, maybe, just maybe, I snuck a handful of chocolate chips somewhere along the way!

But really, that’s not much food. My portions were very controlled; at dinner, half my plate was salad. And, I’ve been drinking water all day to stay hydrated in this heat. So yes, it would make sense that I’m actually hungry.

So now? I’m going to go to the kitchen, take one of the small bowls out of the cupboard, and make some yogurt and frozen berries. And then? I’m going to write another blog post about my recent appointment with a dietician 🙂


See you in a few 😉


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