I really want ice cream


I was sitting in my favourite chair after an incredibly long and stressful day. Suddenly, I had this massive craving for ice cream. I have some chocolate-peanut butter ice cream in the fridge, and my mouth longed for it. The saltiness of the peanut butter. The sweetness of the chocolate. The smooth, cold creaminess of the ice cream.

I took a moment to breathe, and figure out what was going on. I wanted that ice cream so badly, I could almost taste it. That’s when I realized that I wanted it because I needed to calm myself. My mind was telling me that ice cream would make me feel better.

I fought with myself a bit. I needed to figure out why I needed ice cream. I knew that it wasn’t a nutritional requirement – I had eaten healthy all day.

I just wanted to feel calm. I wanted to escape the stress I had been experiencing. And my body is used to escaping through sweets. Rather than fight it, I found a way to work around it.

If my body was craving ice cream, perhaps it was because my body needed milk or calcium or something. So, I decided to make some warm milk. After looking at a couple of recipes online, I made my own concoction: milk with a bit of pure vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg and a wee bit of honey. After all, warm milk is supposed to help you sleep, and at the stressed-out rate I was going at, I’d need an Ativan to help me sleep.

I’m now sitting here with this totally delectable cup of warm (fat-free!) milk, listening to relaxing music, and feeling calmer. The bonus is I feel better about myself for having made a positive choice and taking control of my emotional eating.

Hopefully I sleep well. I’ll let you know how it works!


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