I feel gross!

I did not eat my usual healthy fare today. And I can tell the difference.

Typically I have a smoothie, a piece of fruit and green tea for breakfast. Today? Breakfast sandwich and a latte. I’ve been trying to eat smaller, more frequent meals, focusing on fresh, whole foods. Mid morning usually consists of fat free plain yogurt with fruit and all-bran. Today? A pre packaged, flavored yogurt cup and a granola bar. My delicious lunchtime salad was replaced with a frozen dinner. And dinner tonight was fast food. To my credit, I did have three pieces of fruit today, and I resisted the urge to stop off for a frappuccino and a cookie on my way home. So, while I wasn’t perfect today, I did exert willpower at a time when I am often at my weakest. And I did do my morning yoga (yay me!)

So, how do I feel? Tired, slow, groggy, grumpy, frumpy, gross, moody, unhealthy. I went to go visit a friend tonight, and daresay I was lousy company!

What strikes me the most is the change in my mood. I have been really happy and positive the last few weeks, and it has felt amazing! But today, I felt my depression and anxiety creeping ever-so-quietly in. And, if I let them take hold, I will spiral back down into unhealthy habits.

I am interested in this link between food and mood. Especially diagnosed mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. I wonder if there are foods I should avoid? Foods I should gravitate towards? I’m going to have to research this some more. I’m not looking for a “miracle cure,” just ways of increasing my quality of life.

Oh, the other thing I noticed is that after I ate my burger tonight, I got all stuffed up. Wondering if that may be some type of food allergy or intolerance. I’m going to keep track of this and see of there are any patterns that emerge.

Tomorrow I will get up early (even though it’s a Saturday!) and go for an easy sunrise walk followed by yoga. I will remind myself that change takes time and if I want long term results, I need to keep doing my best every day.


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  1. Just stick with it, don’t over analyze and celebrate the victories (like the avoidance of the frappuccino!). I have similar mood disorder problems and concerns about lapsing back into an extended time of depression. Depression and anxiety are why I’ve gained so much weight in the past two years. I’m also on a quest to be healthier now that my mood issues are more in control. I don’t believe that there are any special foods. Although certain foods like sugars and fats can mess with your system, just like lack of sleep can. Balanced eating (more protein, less carbs), avoidance or substitution of snacks (in front of the TV is my main weakness) and the addition of exercise will be the winning combination. Don’t be too hard on yourself or you may fall into the “whatever, I give up” trap. Thanks for the post. It encourages me to keep going/trying. I’ve just started my quest and I find just the thought of “dieting” fills me with terror. Food is my “frenemy”.

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