Welcome to My Blog!


Hi there!

Chances are, you’re reading this because you’re a friend of mine and I posted this link on Facebook. If you know me well, you know that I’ve struggled with my health for a while now. Between being overweight, a back injury, knee problems (both of which wouldn’t be a problem weren’t it for the first thing!) and dealing with depression and anxiety, the past decade has been tough. Well, no more, I say!

As I approach my 39th birthday, I have taken time to reflect on what the past nine years have brought me. So much has changed since I was a newly single mom struggling to find my way in this big scary world with three kids in tow. I vividly remember my 30th birthday: I was so happy that I was starting a new life and I celebrated with a new tattoo. I was scared – I didn’t know what was ahead of me. In retrospect, not knowing was probably a good thing; had I known, I would have given up then and there!

My 30s were difficult, but thrilling. I survived a nasty divorce, saw my children go from preschoolers to teenagers, rebuilt my business then gave it all up to go back to university. Nine years later, I am working my dream job: being a mom to three incredible young men and teaching music. In the last decade, I’ve focused on getting my life in order. Unfortunately, I’ve neglected my health.

That is about to change.

Starting now (ok, sorta started last week, but starting this blog right now!), I am committing to improving my health as much as possible before my 40th birthday. I have just over 13 months. I can choose to sit around and procrastinate, or I can take action NOW.

It won’t be easy. At times I’ll feel like being lazy. This is a day-to-day journey, and I’m using this blog as a means of accountability.  I plan on using this blog to post photos of myself as I go along,  chart my progress, keep track of my achievements, and (hopefully) inspire others.

Wish me luck!


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